Basic Stats

Alias: Marle (Marl in Japan)
Full Name: Nadia, Princess of Guardia (Marldia in Japan)
Psyical Appearance: Slender build, Blonde ponytail, Blue / Turquoise Eyes
Age: 16 (Born in 984 AD)
Weapon: Crossbows
Element Ice

Personality & Abilities

Marle is a sweet and caring person. She is also very lively, optimistic, stubborn and independent. She also hates to sit around and do nothing, especially being confined to the castle or feeling helpless. She always first to proclaim that action needs to be taken.

Marle does not do as much damage as other characters in the party. However her techs hit for pretty good damage and she has the best healing magic in the game. Her and Frog have a good healing (Double Cure) double techs. Marle and Ayla also have a pretty good confuse and steal (Twin Charm) double tech. Also Robo, Crono and Marle have a pretty good triple tech (Lifeline). For the most part when i could, my party was Ayla, Lucca and Marle. Yay for Poyozo Dance triple tech :D

Marle's Story

In 1000 AD during the Millennial Fair she sneaks out of the castle and heads to Leene Square to celebrate the festivities. She bumps (literally) into our hero Crono at the festival and insists that he take her around to the various attractions. The entire time she does not reveal that she is royalty. They eventually head over to Lucca's event and she volunteers to try out the inventor's telpod. Turning it on, it reacts to Marle's pendant and she vanishes through a gate!

Marle arrives at Truce Canyon in 600 AD, 400 years in the past. She somehow comes into contact with people from Guardia Castle where they presume she is the missing Queen Leene. Marle decides to play along and goes to the castle. When Crono arrives at the castle in 600 AD she pulls them aside and lets him know its her. However the reunion is cut short when Marle starts to sparkle than vanish.

When Lucca arrives in 600 AD, she is the one to tell Crono that Marle is in fact Princess Nadia. She quickly explains that since Leene was still missing and that everyone assumed Marle was Leene, it had changed time. No heir from the King and Leene meant no Marle born in the future. They hear that Leene is being held in Manolia Cathedral and rescue her.

With Leene rescued, Marle returns and all three make it back to 1000 AD. However upon their return, guards from the castle are searching for Marle. They assume Crono kidnapped her and lock him up despite her efforts to clear his name. Regardless of how Crono treated Marle during the festival, he is imprisoned. Lucca manages to break him out and with Marle, they escape to Guardia Forest. Attempting to flee the guards, they find and take a gate in the forest.

Marle and company arrive in 2300 AD, 1300 years in the future. As they look for a way back home they come across Robo in Trann Dome. At this point you are able to choose your party members and Marle is from then on optional.

Chrono Trigger has many endings and Marle's future differs between some of them. The ending credits on the PS1 show Marle and Crono getting married. In another ending she somehow ends up being a frog/human due to Frog and Leene marrying in the past. In yet another ending Marle buys too many balloons and start to float in the air with Crono joining her. She also has an ending where she flies with balloons on her own and find Crono. Theres even an ending where she ends up at the End of Time with Crono, being able to talk to staff members of the game. :)

Other Apperances

Marle makes a brief appearance in Chrono Cross, Trigger's sequel. She appears in child form in the Dead Sea and Opassa Beach. It is believed that she is a spirit or ghost. She appears alongside Crono and Lucca.

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