Hello and Welcome to Master of Unlocking, the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the Resident Evil heroine Jill Valentine. This covers all versions and appearances of her in the video game realm. If you are a fan of her like me please consider joining! Unsure what a fanlisting it? Check below!

You are currently viewing version 1.0 of Master of Unlocking which was added on July 15th, 2018. I was super excited when this fanlisting came up because it's been a long time wishlister for me. This layout features artwork of her from RE, Revelations, some hidden Umbrella Chronicles images and lastly a small nod to her MvsC2 appearance. I'm still not super happy with the layout and its coloring but I might tweak it in the future. I'm almost just not fond of pink that much. I tried to make this layout as blue as possible while keeping a grungy/virus looking appearance.

This fanlistings is dedicated in loving memory to Rain who passed in 2019. She was an avid RE fan, sweet person and owned this fanlisting before it was closed.

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